It has been said that I paint 'memories'.
I love to paint scenes that stir a memory in the viewer.
I try to include as much detail in my paintings as possible without striving for photo realism.
Although most of my subjects will be readily recognizable I rarely reproduce them exactly as they appeared.


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Bill has a sailing ship collection to die for, the colors are so rich and amazing. The detail he puts into these pieces is just unbelievable. I own three of his ships, and plan on more, plus love his lighthouse collection. Unfortunately my bank account has suffered, lol. He is very personable and love explaining how he achieved elements in his paintings, such a wonderful experience and artist!!
-- Molly Sweeting, 8/28/21

Glad you finally got this site up and going. Your detail captures life past and present. Love your art!966771
-- Penny Van Hise, 6/18/20

This is great Bill. Nice to see this. Love your work. Keep it up. ❤
-- Janelle R Sawyers, 6/17/20